Monday, 11 October 2010

Helping the Kitty Cats of the World

Well hello there on this lovely sunny day, I hope you have all been enjoying the last of the sunshine before winter sets in. All my cats have been out today soaking up the rays.

I would like to discuss the problem of all the homeless kitties and endangered big cats out there. I recently signed up to save the jaguar with wwf, you can find out how to help towards saving this incredible feline by visiting
Photograph of a jaguar. Adopt a jaguar for just £3 a month. Your support will help save 1 billion trees in the Amazon rainforest

Also with winter coming up theres lots of cats and kitties that need rescuing, the RSPCA are struggling for space and could do with your support. I used to volunteer for the RSPCA and throughly enjoyed spending time with the kitties even though I was tempted to take every single one home. One kitty that really needs a home right now is Mindy who you can see a picture of to the right.

Mindy a white cat with black markings © RSPCA
Mindy is a two-year-old white female cat who is currently in the care of the RSPCA Lincolnshire East Branch. She
 is one of the longest staying residents at the branch and sadly keeps being overlooked by potential new owners because s
he was born with a deformed foot but she manages to get around very well.

If you would like to read more about mindy visit for information on adopting her.

Do something wonderful this year and give a homeless cat a home or donate to one of the many charities to help preserve felines in the wild. 

I will be sending my usual donation of toys to the RSPCA cats this christmas.

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